Fehr & Peers

Walnut Creek, CA, United States


At Fehr & Peers, we're dedicated to transforming transportation consulting through innovation and creativity. We work closely with communities to design transportation solutions that cater to diverse needs, and we help clients overcome obstacles and uncertainty by using our expertise and an open-minded approach. We listen carefully to both clients and communities, and we treat every project with focus and diligence. Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated by our investment in research and development to anticipate future needs and explore emerging transportation concepts and mobility trends. We also strive to develop new analytical tools and techniques to enhance our ability to serve clients. Our philosophy revolves around building inclusive, local, and long-term community relationships. Long-standing relationships with clients are based on collaboration, understanding, and successful outcomes. We've been serving communities since 1985, and clients trust us to be objective partners in transportation. We're driven by shared success and partnerships that have a positive impact on the communities we serve.



• Travel behavior & forecasting • Multimodal operations & simulation • Transit planning • Bicycle & pedestrian planning • Sustainable transportation • Freight systems & airports • Integrated land use & transportation plans • Conceptual street & trail design • Transportation engineering & ITS design • Visual Communications