Lafayette, LA, United States


In the beginning, the firm performed surveying and mapping almost exclusively for oil and gas clients. Today, Fenstermaker is a multi-disciplinary firm serving a variety of clients including the local, state and federal governments, the oil and gas industry, and private enterprise. The company's early commitment to automated mapping kept the Fenstermaker firm at the forefront of survey and mapping technology. Over the years, the firm has grown and evolved and its dedication to technological advancements has set the company apart from the competition. Fenstermaker is capable of the most advanced computer mapping techniques in the country. The introduction of "smart maps" in the mid '80s paved the way to fully automated Geographic Information Systems technology available today. Today, Fenstermaker consists of four divisions; Surveying & Mapping, Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Advanced Technologies. The Advanced Technology Division, created in 2008 incorporates the highly specialized disciplines; Underwater Acoustic Services, High Definition Survey, and Geographic Information Systems.



The Advanced Technologies Division represents specialized disciplines, including Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI), High Definition Survey (HDS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These sophisticated technologies, used independently or in unison, offer clients a new dimension of visualization never before possible. HDS and UAI have been used concurrently on projects requiring superstructure, substructure, and water bottom, spatial element mapping. The combination of these two specialized methodologies provides an opportunity for high resolution visualization on projects that would not be possible with traditional methods of surveying.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements