FirstWatch Solutions, Inc.

Carlsbad, CA, United States


Since 1998, FirstWatch has Helped the Helpers in Public Safety, Public Health and Homeland Security by providing automated, near real-time data analysis & data visualizations all based upon user-defined data filter criteria. FirstWatch Dashboards offer near real-time data visualizations which include: ESRI powered Maps, Charts, Graphs - all via FirstWatch automated queries into disparate (or similar) data systems, related to Situational Awareness, Performance, Operational & Quality Measures. Currently deployed by more than 500 customer partner agencies across the US & Canada, FirstWatch has interfaced with about 200 different data systems to date, including: 9-1-1 Phone systems, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, ProQA systems (ProQA is an internationally recognized telephonic Q & A system, which enhances value of CAD data for 91-1, EMS, Fire & Law teams), Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) systems, Records Management (RMS) systems, Hospital Emergency Department systems, Hospital Diversion systems, Human Resource systems, Public Health systems (including CDC Essence PH Surveillance system). In addition to automated data visualization Dashboards & Mobile App views of data, FirstWatch customer partners can enable alert functionality related to potentially concerning events / incidents in order to proactively protect Citizens, First Responders and the Communities they serve.