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Today’s flood intelligence is slow, static, and the quality is generic. Floods unfold in real-time and traditional tools and analysis cannot keep up. Flood forecasts are too broad and generally refer to peak flood heights. This translates to broad warnings, with no context of the flood exposure or impact to particular people or assets. There is no timely, high-quality data, which means planning is broad because it is based on assumptions for worst-case risk. FloodMapp is a world-first flood modelling solution purpose built for impact-based flood forecasting and emergency management. Aimed at improving safety and preventing damage, FloodMapp provides highly accurate, real-time, property-level and dynamic flood inundation and depth insights for businesses exposed to flooding. This kind of data provides unrivalled situational awareness to inform decision making, during and after a flood event. This enables targeted evacuations, loss prevention, minimising business interruption and lost productivity. We predominantly service utilities, transport, mining, insurance and public sector. FloodMapp combines big data analytics, automation and machine learning techniques with novel hydrology and hydraulic models to achieve large-scale, rapid flood modelling. Our proprietary technology reads in real-time and forecasted rainfall and river height data, which our models use to estimate predicted peak river heights at scale at scale and generate large scale inundation mapping.



Critical response assets and specialist resources are finite and broad flood forecasts that generally refer to peak flood heights are less useful in these situations. With no context of the flood exposure or impact to particular people or assets, preparedness and planning becomes broad-based. FloodMapp has created DASH, a flood model built specifically for emergency management. For the first time, emergency managers have access to real-time flood impact intelligence. Our products ForeCast, NowCast and PostCast support emergency managers before, during, and after the flood. This allows informed decision-making to coordinate evacuations, protect critical infrastructure, and minimize business interruption. Designed to integrate with Esri products, access dynamic flood mapping through FloodMapp NowCast to ensure dynamic situational awareness, where emergency managers can visualise the flood hazard at asset or street-level resolution, and assess the emerging socio-environmental, infrastructure, and economic impacts. Contact Us: Bruce Grady (Business Development Manager) Bruce.G@FloodMapp.com +1 757 401 4146 (US) +61 7 3040 5823 (AU)

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