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FNT GeoMaps enhances the outside and inside plant cable and infrastructure management with location intelligence by blending Esri's GIS capabilities with FNT’s network resource documentation and planning functionality. It is powered by FNT’s central repository of all physical, logical and virtual network and service resource data. The repository supports operation, planning and execution activities such as network extensions, fault resolution and maintenance management. FNT GeoMaps augments the repository data with location-based visualization and geo-referenced network resource analysis. The combination of spatial and resource intelligence greatly enhances planning, operation, and management of Telecommunication, Data Center and Enterprise IT infrastructures. In Telecommunications, its georeferenced data on locations, physical infrastructures and routes improves the operational processes. Users perform their tasks more efficiently and achieve better results, such as planning and executing fiber rollouts, ensuring maximum network uptime, and optimizing network capacity. For Data Centers, its geographical visualization of network resource data helps set up new connections quickly between data center customers, communication service providers, and other cages and ensures uninterrupted service of established connections within the DC and across the DC campus. For Enterprises, its graphical visualizations improve daily operations of network connectivity services on premise and across a campus. Network overviews are augmented with location intelligence to make optimizing resource usage and network capacity, extending the network and rolling out new technologies possible.


Aviation, Education, Electric & Gas, Information Technology, Railroads, Telco

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