Incident Index and Warnings Toolkit (IIW)

By Foretify LLC

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The security and risk industry currently lacks a centralized means of comprehending and integrating changes in global and national activity and behavior into their business systems. Our IIW toolkit offers a comprehensive solution to this challenge, empowering organizations to track threat trends and changes across multiple dimensions. Specifically, our toolkit provides insight into incident patterns, power grid failures, and social impacts across all major US metropolitan areas and many other us cities where companies have operations impacted daily, offering a comprehensive understanding of the impacts on critical business operations. Our solution enables businesses to monitor international threats based on global travel, changes in GDP, and current political trends in key impacted geographic areas. This integrated approach enables senior analysts to work collaboratively with junior analysts to create impactful reports and updates for C-suite operations, without the need for extensive curation of content from multiple sources. By leveraging our IIW toolkit, businesses can benefit from real-time, data-driven insights that enable them to proactively identify and mitigate risks, maintain continuity of operations, and enhance overall organizational resilience.


Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Telco

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