Forsite Consultants Ltd

Salmon Arm, BC, Canada


We are an innovative company that takes pride in delivering cost-effective forest management services. The quality of our work is reflected in repeat business from satisfied customers. We are leaders in forestry technology through our commitment to innovation through technology development and application. This allows Forsite to create a competitive advantage and build value for our customers. Forsite is unrivaled in the diversity and depth of forestry knowledge and skills we apply to create collaborative and cutting-edge solutions. From strategic timber supply to on-the-ground forest operations, we provide expertise in 7 key service areas. Internally, Forsite is comprised of business units that focus on different components of the forest management process and this structure allows us to develop specialists in each area, while still providing a complete forest management solution at a corporate level. We employ a staff of over 180 employees and maintain 11 office locations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick. Forsite’s geographic diversity and size provides economies of scale to deliver quality, timely and cost-effective forest management services.