Fortress Global, LLC

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Fortress Global is a consulting firm focused on the physical aspects of due diligence investigations. Our team members have years of experience in US Special Operations. We have collected intelligence for government agencies and private entities across the globe. Our network and familiarity with emerging markets help us discreetly deploy teams and deliver data in a time-sensitive manner. We specialize in gathering geospatial information and producing reports in a clear, customized GIS interface. Our highly specialized team allows us to comfortably operate in austere environments. We are FAA certified drone pilots with 50+ projects completed to date. Our operators have collective experience in 40+ countries and four languages. We have collaborated with regional aviation authorities around the world and can deploy to remote locations within 48 hours. For due diligence and construction clients, our drone survey and inspection tools include volumetric analysis, LiDAR, and thermal imaging. We also offer site exploration products such as aerial videos, orthomosaic maps, and 3D models. For companies overseeing large fleets, we developed a custom, satellite-based asset management system with full enterprise sensor integration. Finally, for business intelligence clients we collect and verify information including port suitability analysis, permitting, and process guidance. We also provide actionable data regarding the competitive landscape and logistics infrastructure.