Frazillio Soluções de Tecnologia Ltda

Sao Paulo, Brazil


FF Solutions is a company specialized in GIS Services and Solutions that has been 26 years at the IT market. We offer high value-added services from GeoBIM implementations, in addition to specialized and customized training for professionals and companies in GIS, AEC Industry, etc. Over these years, we have developed a unique GeoBIM Implementation Framework, leveraging the use and integration of GIS and BIM solutions, based on an action plan that describes exactly how the innovation journey will be defined. We have project experiences with construction and transportation companies, in addition to governments and city halls. Our services include: - Technical consulting; - Personalized training; - GeoBIM implementation (GIS and BIM solutions); - Systems and Applications Development; - Technical Support. Frazillio Soluções de Tecnologia Ltda Av. Marquês de São Vicente, 2219 - 11º andar, Salas 1115/1116 São Paulo / SP - Brasil +55 (11) 97303-7929