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Purpose-built mapping drone meets the most advanced drone mapping and geospatial analysis software. Here are some of Astro’s highlighted features: Ecosystem: - Made in the USA - Designed and assembled with love in the United States. Dedicated US based engineering, operations, and support team. Own your data. - Transparent - In depth documentation (Wiki, Knowledgebase, Tutorial videos). Open and communicative team (we share CAD, test specs, engineering documents, wiki to help you integrate and succeed more quickly) - Dependable - Robust testing and validation methodology (we break things so you won’t have to). Weather sealed system. 1000+ hours of flight time before product launch. Over 200 engineering test plans were executed during the development. - Adaptable - Extensive hardware and software ecosystem. Auterion Skynode flight controller, and open PX4 flight stack - modify and adapt Astro for your use case. - Partners - Freefly is a pioneer in the drone industry. We have established partnerships with the best companies in the industry to help create a robust ecosystem that can tackle any problem - Training program for your team (at Freefly or onsite) - In Stock - We keep 2 months of safety stock on the shelf ready to handle any situation! - High value - Most affordable drone in its class, future fluid - easy upgrade path Mapping and Inspection Workhorse: - Complete solution - Freefly Astro integrated with Site Scan for ArcGIS provides a complete end-to-end drone mapping solution. From drone hardware, automated flight planning and execution, online and offline, to imagery processing on the cloud or on desktop, to advanced analysis in ArcGIS… - Most efficient workflow - we spent years figuring out how to make our drones more fun to use than any other drone. Tap in to advanced flight planning, and autonomous data collection through the Site Scan Flight app. - High resolution - Freefly gimbal with an integrated Sony A7RIV 60+ megapixel sensor for high resolution mapping workflows. Interchangeable lenses - High accuracy Capable of 2-3 cm accuracy with no GCP Map 40 acres in 20 mins, 1cm GSD, crosshatch for 3D - Fast - Map 200+ acres in 20 minutes at 2cm GSD - PPK/RTK enabled - Included PPK processing application. - Data - Own/create your own data. Highly up-to-date and accurate data. Provide real world 3D context to your geospatial data. - Mobile - Astro fits in a travel backpack. 25 to 40 minute flight time


Forestry, GIS, Map, Chart & Data Production, Public Safety

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