Fregonese Associates

Portland, OR, United States


Fregonese Associates (FA) is a full-service, nationally and internationally recognized, land-use planning firm with an award-winning track record of helping make better cities and regions. We specialize in comprehensive planning, strategic planning, Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis, visualizations, implementation strategies, and innovative public engagement programs and materials. Fregonese Associates is comprised of a team of visionary and pragmatic planners, led by Scott Fregonese, who are able to envision the futures of neighborhoods, cities and regions at a range of scales. Fregonese Associates is a collaborative of interdisciplinary thinkers and doers, who combine land use expertise with an understanding of transportation, urban design, economics, housing, natural systems and the environment.



At Fregonese Associates, we use GIS to support our land use planning approach. At the heart of our practice is Envision Tomorrow (ET), a rigorous spatial analysis tool that provides an analytical framework for understanding the built environment and market conditions. Developed by Fregonese Associates, ET allows users to quickly evaluate land use and transportation alternatives, detailed land use policies, and investment scenarios at the county and individual site level. ET is an open-access scenario planning package that allows users to analyze how their community's current growth pattern and future decisions impacting growth will impact a range of measures from public health, fiscal resiliency and environmental sustainability. It consists of 20 additional analysis tools and offering over 80 indicators to explorer. We approach every project with an open attitude and structure our planning approach, proposed solutions, outreach, and recommended strategies to reflect the needs of the community. We use scenario planning to test and understand alternative designs and policies. Data-driven analysis builds confidence and empowers staff and stakeholders to make more informed decisions. Envision Tomorrow is an Add-in to ArcGIS. We also offer an online version.

Services Provided:

Implementation, Training Services