FieldSeeker® GIS for Invasive Plant Control

By Frontier Precision Inc

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FieldSeeker® GIS for Invasive Plant Control software is a cloud-based system leveraging the Esri® ArcGIS® Online platform to provide users with simple, intuitive tools for finding, collecting, and reporting data related to invasive plant activities. Field and office users benefit from seeing a common up-to-date picture of their operations. Data can be shared easily on the Web both inside and outside your organization using ArcGIS Online. Field and office tools for: Plant Occurrence, Assessment, Bio-release, Treatment Assessments, and Service Requests The FieldSeeker Office application suite is a Web app based on the Esri JavaScript API and includes: a dashboard landing page, targeted workflows for different user roles, and improved analytics. Office workflows include system and pick list configuration, activity review, search/ filter/query, product inventory, proposed treatment area management, map data editing, reporting, aerial or drone data integration, and service request entry. The cross-platform FieldSeeker mobile app is provided through the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. The FieldSeeker GIS software includes tools for treatment calculator, on-truck inventory, roadside spraying, restricted area warnings, simple invoicing, aerial/drone integration, GPS tracking, service requests, navigation directions, proposed treatment areas, and more.


Agriculture, Forestry, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Public Works, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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