UAE National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Project

By G I S Software House

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G I S Software House been awarded the MOID SDI project where a state -of-the-art platform was developed to allow the collaboration of GIS content between MOID and other governmental entities. The Ministry of infrastructure development Geospatial platform is aimed to internal and external users. The platform was developed in English and in Arabic. Below is detailed description for the platform features and functions. G I S Software House worked with MOID to build the Project Management System and the Geospatial Infrastructure platform. The project has successfully achieved 60% automation for the project workflow. Which aided in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development project management digital transformation journey. As well as seamless connectivity and data flow between Ministry of Infrastructure Development internal departments. On the other hands the Geospatial Infrastructure platform encouraged data collaboration with strategic government entities like: Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), Emirates Transport, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and more.


GIS, Public Engineering, Public Transit

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