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GeoDashboard is a map-centric product which enables the user to understand the geographical context and the location-based relationships that lie within data. It gives you the tools to analyze and monitor your data more fully and efficiently. More and more companies turn to Geodashboard to better understand, predict and improve the efficiency and measurement of their business activities. Webigeo connects directly to Business Intelligence applications, maps large-scale datasets and applies spatial processing to enhance data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics. Geodashoard connects to multiple data source, especially on ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS 10.1 Galigeo is very active in Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Fast Consumer Goods with large customers such as Novartis, Abbott, Heineken, Carrefour. References also include State of Geneva, State of New Jersey, European Commission, Federal State in Belgium, Swiss Roads Office, French Ministries and local governments in Europe and US. In Energy and Utilities, Total, EDF, Orange, Vinci are also among main customers.


Electric & Gas, Forestry, Health & Human Services, Insurance, Public Safety, Railroads, Retail, Telco

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