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Spatial IM is map-based software designed to help organizations better manage their infrastructure. It is used to record and retrieve information about the location, condition, and proactive maintenance of assets, including: • Potable Water Systems • Sewer Systems • Storm drainage Systems • Secondary Water Systems • Electrical Utilities • Roads • Bridges • Sidewalks • Signs • Land Ownership And More 1. It’s a Better Way to Manage Your Maps, Documents, and Reports. Spatial IM is map-based, providing you with the ability to visualize what is above, on, or below the earth’s surface. This contributes to proactive decision making by helping you see where things are or where they should be. It also provides tools for keeping the map current when changes are made in the field. Spatial IM has unique document management capabilities. No longer will you have to search through rolls of maps, binders, photographs, or spreadsheets. All the information you need is accessible from one location. Inspection histories, manufacturer training videos, or maintenance histories are easily accessed right from the map. Consolidating records shortens search time and improves record keeping. Spatial IM provides the ability to generate reports that summarize inventories, inspection findings, and maintenance priorities. Reports are simple to generate and offer useful information for better decision making. 2. A Better Way to Budget Your Money—Multiple Uses, One Software. Spatial IM is not modular. You will not need to purchase additional software to manage water, sewer, roads, electrical, other utilities or applications― Spatial IM is versatile enough to handle them all. A non-modular-based approach means a cost savings for you. One software with multiple uses…a good way to save. 3. A Better Way To Use Your GIS—Simplify And Enhance Operations. Spatial IM is known for its simplicity. It makes using GIS easier. It has been skillfully designed to appeal to both GIS veterans and beginners, and can be used in the field and in the office. With minimal training, you will be able to navigate the map, enter data, and retrieve historical information about a feature on the map. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Spatial IM is feature packed with power and functionality well beyond its price tag. Spatial IM works inside of ArcView®, ArcEditor®, or ArcInfo® (ArcGIS®), the popular desktop GIS software from Esri.


Demographics, Highways & Roads, Land Records, Map, Chart & Data Production, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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