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As a Land Surveying firm, Gayron de Bruin specializes in accurate and complete data collection. Using GIS as both a management and data collection tool, we can leverage its power to provide solutions to our clients and deliver the final product in a timely manner. Using the full suite of ESRI products and applications, GdB’s expertise with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server allow us to customize and cater a solution to the client’s needs GdB has been using GIS for the better part of 20 years. Using our extensive knowledge of database design and utility asset management, we are able to build custom database schemas to accommodate both the viewing, consumption and collection of new assets. Using ArcGIS for Server, GdB is able to leverage its multi-user editing with power of ArcGIS Online to allow multiple users, in the field and in the office to be editing the same live data without fear of syncing issues or overwrites, resulting in a loss of data and time. With server, multiple applications and utilities can consume the data, giving project managers and clients live progress updates. With ArcGIS Online and Collector for ArcGIS, field crews are able to edit data and collect assets in the field while updating attributes and adding relevant pictures or other ‘knowledge’. With the many named user accounts and editor tracking, maintaining the integrity of the data is easy. Named users can create their own content with provided data, allowing each crew to build a map customized to their needs in the field. With Web App Builder and Operations Dashboard, GdB builds custom applications for our own internal needs and for our clients. With widgets and other tools, Web App Builder and Operations Dashboard are a great way to portray the data and give the user the ability to query and perform analysis without a stoppage in work or the need to produce lengthy reports.


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