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Gayron de Bruin Land Surveying and Engineering, PC specializes in asset and knowledge management using the power of ESRI's GIS suite of software and applications. Catered towards clients with aging infrastructure and veteran employees, GdB specializes in information gathering, organization and mapping these assets while providing seamless access to their respective and associated documentation. Custom built web viewers are designed using Flex, Silverlight, or Javascript and are configurable according to the client’s needs. Using these specialized web viewer applications, GdB is able to present associated documents, photographs and any other relevant 'knowledge' in a manner that is not only user friendly, but obtainable in a quick and simple fashion. \ The user has the ability to search addresses, assets or documentation, or use simply use the map and geography to move to the area in question. While the short term benefits of this solution are readily apparent to our clients, GdB provides training and the ability for client employees to edit data, add new assets and associated ‘knowledge’ to keep the data up to date and relevant, while providing regular software updates and support.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Public Transit, Public Works, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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