Genasys Protect EVAC

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Genasys Protect EVAC provides enhanced emergency response and evacuation management capabilities that reduce response times by 90% through: 1. Flexible and intelligent zones tailored to local requirements and data. 2. Cross-agency collaboration capabilities through a common operating picture. 3. Predictive simulation to test scenarios and disaster paths. 4. Actionable communication for all stakeholders. During an emergency, Genasys Protect EVAC enables responding agencies to react swiftly and communicate event status in real-time to other agencies, businesses, and the public. Integrating intelligent and flexible zones allows quick reactions to unexpected events and emergencies. Targeting specific zones ensures safety information and instructions reach everyone quickly. Predictive simulation gives public safety personnel the ability to plan and gain insights into current disasters. These benefits are further enhanced through a common operating picture that facilitates collaboration between emergency managers and first responders, simplifying communication during disasters’ initial attack phase and beyond, by making all relevant information such as zones, disaster paths, traffic information, and more available to everyone. Reduce the time to respond to an incident from hours to minutes with Genasys EVAC.


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