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or 9-1-1 Authorities looking for NG9-1-1 technology that is secure, available, scalable, mission critical, provides 24X7 call routing and is the best-in-class functional element solution available, GeoComm’s Next Generation Core Solutions of GeoComm ECRF and GeoComm LVF are the only products in public safety that rigorously follow NENA standards to accurately route calls, support location validation, and ease the transformation of location data between i3 and legacy PSAPs, giving 9-1-1 Authorities the peace of mind that they are partnering with an experienced proven leader in public safety GIS and gaining a clear view of data quality and accuracy as the basis of all their Public Safety Location Intelligence™ needs. Gaining a clear view of data quality and accuracy is the basis of all Public Safety Location Intelligence™. It is why using solutions defined explicitly for monitoring, reporting, and analyzing provide the necessary insights into queries, responses, default routes, validation failures and discrepancy reporting are vital. GeoComm ECRF -Enables a transition to geospatial call routing at your pace, allowing you to increase routing capability as you assess, improve, and maintain your GIS data over time -Enables common selective call transfer information across PSAPs unsing different CPE/CTI brands -Accomplishes fast routing changes in just a few seconds, such as to add virtual PSAP routing boundary during a public event, or large scale manmade or natural disaster -Uses industry leading Esri ArcGIS Enterprise technology to leverage existing GIS data, staff, expertise, and investment available to 9-1-1 authorities today -Improves response times by routing emergency calls to the correct PSAP


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