Westhausen, BW, Germany


GEO DATA is one of the leading companies in the field geographic data processing. For more than 20 years we carry out surveying and mapping services, regional and supra-regional. It is important to provide the holistic range of services - from consulting, conception up to the final execution. The main field of activity for GEO DATA has always been surveying and mapping, but for years now we also assisted our customers, in other matters on this behave. With the formation of GEO DATA PLAN GMBH in the year 1999 we were able to provide our customers with a great range of engineering services e.g. traffic engineering, sanitary environmental engineering, town and country planning, duct relining and so on. Furthermore the Portfolio for GEO DATA map applications was carried on. In the last several years GEO DATA hast put in, great interest in the theme telecommunication, broadband, fibre glass. The absolute trend of development, and that for good reasons which Managing Director Rudi Feil clarifies. Broadband Networks, strenghtens the national industry of committees and give them the image of being progressive and innovative. The demand on broadband in higher-order needs is growing as quickly as the complex and exponentially.



The development of ultra-efficient software solutions requires a framework based on practical experience. Therefore it was natural for us to integrate our experience in the design of communication networks with the development of an individual design and project managing software. GEO DATA strives for continual improvement and is highly committed to answer the needs of our customers. Choosing our system will provide you with a useful and cost-efficient means to simplify, expedite, and bring forward all processes related to the planning and design of your network.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Hosting Services, System Architecture and Design, System Integration