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Whether you want to enhance your existing GIS with an up-to-date orthophoto, contours, and planimetrics or use a 3D point cloud and model for planning, the GEO Jobe UAV team can help. With our diverse set of platforms and sensors (fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs; thermal, 3D, and multispectral sensors), we are able to accommodate just about any project you can imagine...and with incredible accuracy! When you hire GEO Jobe to fly a site, you can expect the following of the data: a GSD of less than 1.25 inches; horizontal accuracy of less than 1 inch; and vertical accuracy of less than 1.5 inches. While we are in the GIS business, we know people use other programs--and that’s okay! We regularly produce data for use in CAD programs, as well as GIS, depending on each client’s needs. What exactly can we do for you? 2D Orthophoto Updates: Great to use as a simple basemap, accurately locate assets, or track construction progress. Dense 3D Point Cloud: Bring this powerful dataset into your GIS or CAD program for all your planning needs. Take it a step further with a 3D model for a more realistic view! Planimetric Feature Extraction: Edges of pavement, buildings, manholes...the list is endless! All in a file geodatabase or as a CAD file. Contours: An essential component of any surveying project. Thermal Mapping: Find out where you have leaky infrastructure. Keep the heat IN and the cold OUT! Multispectral Mapping: Farmers, we’re here for you, too! See your crops in a different light with NDVI and other index maps to help improve your yield. To request a free quote, head over to


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