GeoArctic International Services Ltd

Calgary, AB, Canada


GeoArctic has provided geoscience consulting and services since 1996 in Calgary, Canada. We specialise in deformable plate reconstructions using the pioneering deformable plate reonstruction software developed by GeoArctic, our PlateDEF™ regional database and workflow, other proprietary modelling tools, structural geological modelling, palaeogeographic and seismic facies mapping. Plate models developed by GeoArctic more accurately reconstruct the palaeogeography and basin geometry of conjugate margins over geological time. Our specialized plate reconstruction methods have been successfully used for regional studies in oil and gas exploration since 1999. GeoArctic has established strong ties with researchers in government, academia, and industry including the GSC, GEUS, University of Liverppol, University College, Dublin, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the University of Oslo.