Boise, ID, United States


Geobility is a small, privately-owned company offering services to Local Government. Having over 12 years experience in one of the fastest growing cities in America, we want to see small to medium sized counties and cities benefit from the efficiencies and organizational benefits offered by GIS technology. Geobility will assess your needs and help begin building a GIS at the rate that works with your staff recources, designed in a way that enables future expansion with minimal rework. Specializing in public works GIS, services offered include: setup/startup assessment and recommendations, data collection, configuration, dashboarding, visualization, public works water distribution and sewer collections workflows. Let Geobility help you streamline and track daily operations and build a system that brings continuity and visibility to the work you're already doing.



Local government naturally develops good patterns of handling daily work. And, with often tight budgets, they staff minimally to handle a variety of roles and services to meet the needs of their citizens -- meaning that everyone wears multiple hats. Implementing new software that is guaranteed to bring efficiency and better record-keeping comes at the cost of taking staff away from their daily responsibilities. Geobility seeks to use expertly targeted questions and minimal meeting time to assess needs and identify GIS technology that will most benefits your organization. Discussions about the way YOU do YOUR work often identify ways that GIS can remove redundancy in data entry and storage as well as opportunities to automate repetitive tasks. With this needs-centric approach, Geobility offers the following primary services: - Needs Assessments - Data Inventory and Data Quality Assessment - Data Conversion, Migration, and Collection - GIS Data Layer Design and Configuration - ArcGIS Online Setup, Administration, and Configuration - ArcGIS Online Web and Mobile Map and App Design and Configuration - Python Scripting and Automation

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services