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Track gives you the ability to track, analyze, and report on assets and sensors. Used by both commercial entities and government, Track specializes in fleet management and logistics operations. With Track as your solution, we can provide end-to-end service including the hardware, hardware management, and air time. This web-based solution allows clients to quickly create dashboard applications for users, providing them with the data and information they need at their fingertips. Track’s configurable dashboards and reports give our clients the ability to share critical, real-time information with identified individuals or groups. Key Features - App-based alerts such as speeding violations, geofence alerts, etc. - Asset history, alert summary and trip summary reports - Asset history provides a visual and tabular view of the reported locations of a vehicle over a period of time - Configurable dashboard views and metrics - Custom-location management - Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration - Group-based security and access for providing secure and/or restricted views or access to information, data, or assets - Map-based visualization to report vehicle locations, speed, status, and other information - Real-time tracking and monitoring of GPS-tracked vehicles - SMS and email notification of alert events - Spatial capabilities such as thematic mapping, spatial queries, and location-based data aggregation or reporting.


Agriculture, Aviation, Community Development, Conservation, Defense, Education, Electric & Gas, Entertainment & Leisure, Environmental Management, Fish & Game, Forestry, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Insurance, Intelligence, Land Records, Manufacturing, Map, Chart & Data Production, Media, Mining, Parks & Recreation, Petroleum, Pipeline, Public Administration & Policy, Public Safety, Public Transit, Public Works, Railroads, Real Estate, Retail, Telco, Trucking & Distribution, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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