GeoDigital International Corp

Sandy Springs, GA, United States


GeoDigital is a leading North American supplier to Electric Utilities for LiDAR and imagery data products, and has developed industry-leading technology to support the creation of survey grade 3D engineering CAD models, vegetation analytics, and spatial intelligence. GeoDigital provides enterprise software solutions for online map-based delivery of geospatial imagery, vegetation analysis, and line inspection and is dedicated on meeting the evolving regulatory and business requirements required by Electric Utilities. GeoDigital combines 3D Data, AI driven analytics, and Work Management and Inspection Software to create a digital twin of critical infrastructure, with a focus on scalable and impactful applications for electric transmission and distribution. Our mission is to provide a safer, more productive environment for electric grid resiliency & asset management by continuously redefining the efficacy of LiDAR data and high-resolution digital imagery.



WorkStudio is GeoDigital’s industry-leading Electric Utility work management software platform for Distribution Design, Vegetation Management, and Digital Inspection. Using WorkStudio gives you immense capabilities to refine your current workflow process and expand into as many future job definitions as needed to meet evolving business needs. The Workflow Editor has controls that allow “events” and “guards” to verify job information before moving the job through to the next step. WorkStudio StakeOut is GeoDigital’s industry-leading mobile application for distribution design. On average, StakeOut users see a 20% reduction in field time required per job and 55% reduction in overall project time. WorkStudio VMS is GeoDigital’s industry-leading vegetation management stems, including a collection of progressive web applications that enable Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments and works across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). WorkStudio Inspection is GeoDigital’s comprehensive virtual inspection platform, allowing for thorough digital inspections of electric utility assets, including connectivity. GeoDigital Connect: ArcGIS Add-In makes GeoDigital’s VUE.360 Imagery (Orbital, 360-degree high-resolution imagery) and LIDAR accessible within Esri ArcGIS and related Web Apps. GeoDigital Connect utilizes distributed collaboration to deliver content between GeoDigital's Enterprise Esri Server and Customer’s, with content being published as a layer by an administrator.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, System Architecture and Design, System Integration