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Manage and edit enterprise pipeline data within ArcGIS desktop. Perform operations such as reroutes, route calibration & refinements, and adding new lines using wizard-based workflows. DataFrame Data Maintenance provides authorized users the ability to manage and edit enterprise pipeline data with the versatility and familiarity of a desktop GIS application. Users edit pipeline location, pipeline facilities, offline features and geographical features using the familiar ArcGIS desktop interface. Tedious maintenance overhead activities and complicated, cryptic database intricacies remain hidden allowing users to focus on improving the enterprise data asset in a straightforward way. Powerful editing and approval workflows are combined with user roles to determine the tasks different users are authorized to perform and the pipelines they are allowed to edit. DataFrame Data Maintenance simplifies data maintenance activities through project workflows that capture the essential information needed and updates the related datasets reliably and consistently. Because DataFrame Data Maintenance maintains a central, common database, all changes to the pipeline data are available to the entire organization and available to all applications. Changes to the pipeline system are stored, tracking historical states. Built in quality management tools ensure employees throughout the organization can rely on the data for their analyses and reporting. Leveraging years of GeoFields pipeline data expertise, DataFrame Data Maintenance approaches data maintenance from a pipeline operator's perspective, not the perspective of the underlying database. Data is maintained with a traditional pipeline view of the world.


Electric & Gas, GIS, Petroleum, Pipeline

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