GEOGRAPH Technologies LLC

Clemson, SC, United States


At GEOGRAPH Technologies, we help companies, business owners, network managers, and engineers who are concerned about how their telecommunications network assets are being managed. Through the use of our products CrecentLink Network Manager and Project Planner coupled with our Data Migration and Training Services, the GGT team will help our clients take control of their network. GeoGraph Technologies, LLC was founded in 2018 as part of a spin-off/acquisition of Palmetto Engineering and Consulting Data Solutions team. With the acquisition, GeoGraph procured the CrescentLink assets, people, and customer contracts. GeoGraph’s goal is to continue to create innovative GIS technologies that create value and solve problems for our clients around the world. Geograph is located in Clemson, SC and serves well over 90 organizations across the US, Canada, and Bermuda. These organizations range from non-traditional network operators like municipalities and power distributions companies to traditional top-tier telecommunications service providers. In addition to the CrescentLink product line, GeoGraph provides services and consultation relating to data evaluation and migration to instructor-led training.



GeoGraph Technologies provides professional services that help customers create a business case for moving existing telecommunications plant records from older outdated systems to feature rich Esri based GIS systems. Early on, needs and requirements can be assessed through technical reviews to uncover current conditions of existing data. Once needs and requirements have been scoped, data auditing migration can be performed to help transition this data from the outgoing platform to the CrescentLink data model. Running concurrent with this data evaluation and migration process, training is provided to help the customer develop expertise on the GIS and CrescentLink platform.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements, Training Services