GEOGRAPH Technologies LLC

Easley, SC, United States


Fiber optic network building is tough business --- and we get it. We've been there, and we know exactly what you're dealing with. Missing data. Maps that need to be updated or readjusted. Info in more places than you care to mention. So, we decided to do things differently. We put the power in your hands to reimagine your network and run it the way you see fit. That's where CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH comes into play. CrescentLink is a premium GIS mapping software used by operations managers, GIS managers and engineering managers to help map and manage fiber, copper, and coax networks. CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH is an extension of Esri ArcGIS and is available in Pro, Desktop, and Web Experience. It takes your data and creates a digital map of your fiber optic network to become the single source of truth. So you will know where to find every connection and splice when you need to go fix trouble, or plan for expansion. In addition to our CrescentLink fiber mapping software, we also offer a range of professional services which include: GIS Consulting, Data Migration, Network Planning & Design, Training & Support and Remote GIS Management. We are based in the northwest corner of South Carolina and we take pride in our telecom industry experience, first-hand knowledge of best practices, and our dedication to exceptional customer service. Don't just manage your fiber network. Plan smarter. Build faster. Take control with GEOGRAPH.



GEOGRAPH's Professional Services team offers the following: * GIS Consulting - If you aren't sure how to plan for the future, we can help. Our team is known for customizing GIS programming and GIS enterprise implementation and management. * Data Migration - We have helped clients across many industries with our proven process and team approach. We manage your project fast and can migrate your data no matter what your platform source. * Training & Support - There's no need to worry about getting up-to-speed with our CrescentLink software since we have successfully trained hundreds. We have been told that our training was so "spot on" that our clients were able to use our platform on their own the very next day. And, if you should ever experience any issues, we're here to help with your questions. We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction rating and we often respond and resolve issues within 24 hours. * Remote GIS Management - If you need qualified GIS expertise to supplement your team, we are here to help. We can hit the ground running to help manage a wide breadth of GIS and network projects. * Network Planning & Design - Our team, with over 75 years of combined experience can help layout the most effective routing and cable sizing plan to maximize growth and minimize waste. Our expertise helps reduce man hours and multiple plan revisions, so you decide where and when to build based on a global network view.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements, Training Services