CrescentLink Network Manager

By GEOGRAPH Technologies LLC

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CrescentLink's Network Manager is a robust telecommunications extension for the ArcMap platform that can be used to manage fiber, copper, and coax networks. It extends ArcGIS by introducing a detailed database model specifically designed to track cables, equipment, and connectivity. By leveraging Esri’s Geometric Network, users can manage and model every connection, splice, pole, pedestal, hand hole, and panel down to the equipment port level. Dynamic splice diagraming, targeted searching, and network tracing functions provide users with industry-specific options for analyzing and operating their networks. A recent addition to Network Manager further extended its coax design capabilities by automating the power and signal engineering process. Based on our research, this particular market segment has seen very little software innovation over the past 20+ years. It is our estimation that this new ability is the first of its kind on the Esri platform.



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