GeoGraphics S.r.l.

Ferrara, Italy


The name "GeoGraphics", from greek "gheo-graphía”, defines the science that describes and represents the earth in its various aspects: pysical, anthropic, astronomic, linguistical, political, economical and demographic geography. In current language, it identifies the perspetctive model of terrain generated by a computer. Thus, being "GeoGraphics" in the frame of information technology means to be able to create and develop solutions that fit to market necessities, integrating in a synergic way descriptive and geographic data, GIS software and software applications. Since 1993 we create and develop solutions for territorial IT (we work exclusively with ESRI technology), addressed to public and private companies, local administrations, counties, regional administrations, territorial agencies, mountain communities and multi-utilities.



Our ability to "build" applications and solutions in the G.I.S. framework represents a corner stone in territorial IT; our technologies allow to create very high valuable solutions. These solutions protect investments helping reducing managing costs and reinforcing administrations's transparency. Our company's activity is exclusively focused on developing GIS solutions based on Esri Inc's technology. La nostra capacità' di "costruire" applicativi e/o soluzioni in ambito G.I.S., rappresenta una certezza nel settore dell'informatica territoriale; le tecnologie consentono la realizzazione di soluzioni ad alto valore specifico. Queste soluzioni salvaguardano gli investimenti contribuendo in modo consistente alla riduzione dei costi di gestione ed alla trasparenza amministrativa. La nostra attività è concentrata esclusivamente nello sviluppo di soluzioni GIS basate sulle tecnologie Esri Inc. GIS Software: ArcGIS (complete suite); ArcGIS Server; ArcSDE; ArcObject. GIS DB's environments: ArcGIS; ArcGIS Server; ArcIMS, ArcSDE; ArcObjects. Operating Systems: Ms-Microsoft; Windows Mobile, IOS, Android. Developing environments: .NET; Silverlight; Visual Basic; Visual C++; Java; Visual Basic for applications. Database: Ms-Access; Oracle; SQL Server and Express; RDBMS in general.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services