GeoJunxion BV

Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands


Building on decades of experience in mapping, GeoJunxion is focusing on high value, dynamic content and building environmentally conscious applications, which enrich safety in everyday life. With location-aware content at our core, we know where our strengths lie and have the know-how and technology needed to offer unrivalled, intelligent products and services. We have a well established reputation across the industry for delivering effective and easily integrated technology, fast turn-around and excellent customer service. We provide our customers in global tech, local government, logistics and urban planning with data they can use in mobile maps. Typically, customers are mobility solution providers, map aggregators, VARs, navigation solution enterprises and mobile app providers.



The GeoJunxion portfolio falls into three main categories. Firstly, location intelligence services which help customers build better, smarter maps through the research, collection, consolidation and normalisation of tailored, location-aware data. Location-aware content is the backbone of our portfolio, transforming location into knowledge. Our APIs are easy to use, reliable and transparently priced to help keep costs under control. The customer support team is available to help you create and tailor solutions which are the perfect fit. Our premium location-aware products feature a focused range of high quality, curated and map agnostic data designed to enhance customer applications with smart, hyper local insights. Current examples include Safety, Eco and Health Alerts Zones with new additions, (such as authoritative speed limits and neighbourhood evaluation), continually under development in our Innovation Lab.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning