Geollect Limited

Bradley Stoke, BST, United Kingdom


Geollect, an Esri Emerging Business Partner, delivers world class geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT) that provides decisive advantages to business executives, policy makers, operators and planners, intelligence professionals and first responders. We create proprietary algorithms within user-friendly software to deliver dynamic, timely and actionable intelligence which provides operational advantages over competitors and adversaries in the maritime domain. The Geollect team is led by highly experienced UK and US former Government and Military Intelligence specialists, and industry seniors, with combined experience of over 65 years. Geollect provides both regional and global ranges of intelligence through our innovative automation techniques. We combine imagery insights with georeferenced and time-referenced data, supplemented with bespoke field mobility apps that reduce manpower requirements, increase efficiency and accuracy. Geollect delivers these analytic and data services through an online intelligence platform that is integrated with the ArcGIS platform. Geollect's vision is that no end user has to be a geospatial expert to leverage the power of GEOINT. That vision is coming to life with Esri support and with maintaining alignment with the latest geospatial products and trends.



Geollect provides analytics-as-a-service through an innovative and easy to use ArcGIS integrated platform called Geonius for maritime security and insurance. Geollect is led by a group of highly experienced UK and US former government and military intelligence specialists, an industry seniors, with combined experience of over 65 years in analysis, management processes and operations. Having transitioned into the private sector, we are highly motivated and passionate about the business of analysis, and are both excited to and committed to expanding our business and creating success for us and our customers. Geollect is committed to remain at the forefront of value added intelligence derived from advanced image analysis technologies and the vast amount of data that can be georeferenced. Geollect's services and capabilities include: - Intelligence insights - Automated image analysis techniques - Development of sector-specific mobile applications - Geonius intelligence platform - Interactive data visualisations - Risk and threat identification and mitigation - Identification of opportunities and/or efficiencies - Predictive analytics

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Implementation, Needs and Requirements