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geoSCOUT is the industry-leading decision support software ecosystem featuring superior data, the most advanced software tools and the highest ranked customer support for your upstream needs. geoSCOUT provides comprehensive data and powerful tools for all disciplines within the oil and gas industry. By integrating public and proprietary data in wells, well logs, land, pipelines and facilities, fields and pools and seismic studies, geoSCOUT gives you access to the information and data you need. geoSCOUT puts you in control of your interpretive data with a powerful embedded database for creating, storing and working with your own proprietary information. And geoSCOUT is able to work with your own GIS-ready data such as Shapefiles, DXF files, and Aerial or Satellite image data (either on-line or as GeoTIFFs) While geoSCOUT provides a suite of powerful tools for all disciplines in the oil and gas industry, there are times when specialized analysis may be required above and beyond what is in geoSCOUT. When that time comes you’ll discover that geoSCOUT is the hub of a software ecosystem, able to feed data into many of the other specialized third-party software tools that you already use. geoSCOUT is also capable of generating GIS-ready data such as Shapefiles or DXF files.

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