Geological & Historical Virtual MOD LLC

Dallas, TX, United States


The primary business objective of Geological & Historical Virtual Models, LLC, (GHVM) is the acquisition and construction of photorealistic 3D geological outcrop models in support of the exploration and production of oil and gas reservoirs. We are also interested in supporting educational applications of the technology and the documentation of archeological sites. GHVM has developed software and field techniques that enable the modeling of kilometer scale geological outcrops at millimeter optical resolution. An outcrop is scanned with high speed terrestrial LiDAR instruments and a GHVM proprietary robotic camera/total station system is used to photograph the outcrop, simultaneously establishing the photograph to model tiepoints that are necessary to create the realistic appearance of the outcrop models. GHVM has developed analytical software GeoAnalysisTools on the ESRI platform to enable the geologist to extract physical measurement data from the photorealistic model. GeoAnalysisTools is an ArcScene application that facilitates the loading and display of 3D photorealistic outcrop models and allows the geologist to make the spatial/orientation measurements that would normal require physical access to the surface of the outcrop.



Acquisition and construction of small to large scale 3D photorealistic geological outcrop models Analysis software GeoAnalysisTools to extract spatial and orientation data from the models Acquisition and construction of 3D photorealistic models of archeological structures