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The Project: GeoMarvel is proud to have partnered with fellow Esri business partner, Ecobot, to help enhance the mapping and data delivery capabilities within the Ecobot mobile application. Ecobot is a wetland delineation application that allows users to survey and demarcate wetlands, collect data, and do on-the-fly calculations for species relevance and percentages based on their collected data. The Ecobot app streamlines wetland fieldwork, allowing fast, efficient, and accurate data collection — saving organizations time and money. The Technology: Ecobot integrated with ArcGIS for their iOS app. Ecobot is now full of rich GIS capabilities that are powered by the ArcGIS system. We are optimistic about the future of the Ecobot and ArcGIS partnership and integrations. GeoMarvel helped bridge the gap with these technologies and bring to life Ecobot’s mission of creating an intuitive and impactful app. This way, Ecobot users can see and save data for their projects even when they are offline. To collect data, users have the option of tagging their device location or manually dropping a pin to mark the boundaries of wetlands they are surveying. Any data that is gathered while the device is offline can later be synced to the rest of the project data when users are back online. The Partner: Ecobot was founded to make environmental fieldwork faster and more efficient for environmental services companies. EcoBot app users include government bodies like state and federal Departments of Transportation, oil and gas companies, as well as architectural, engineering, construction (AEC) wetland scientists. By creating an intuitive application that field workers find easy to use, data used for environmental monitoring and regulation can be collected efficiently and with high accuracy, helping organizations save money and make environmental impact decisions based on current data.


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