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Project Overview: Georgia’s network of water trails comprise hundreds of miles of navigable waterways and stretch to every corner of the state. Like the water equivalent of a hiking trail, each water trail has safe public access points and are suitable for day-trips in canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. Paddlers, anglers, boaters, and anyone looking to recreate on Georgia’s rivers can discover and explore Georgia’s more than 30 water trails using the free Georgia River Guide. The mobile application was developed in partnership with Georgia River Network, a non-profit organization focused on empowering the public to enjoy, connect with, and advocate for economically vital and clean flowing rivers in Georgia. The Georgia River Guide app is designed to assist the public in safely accessing and navigating Georgia’s rivers, increase river recreation on Georgia’s water trails, and provide opportunities for businesses to grow in support of recreational activities. The application hosts a robust map, with online and offline functionality, to explore local water trails and find key information about the respective water trails. Details include items such as river classifications, various plant and animal wildlife, on-river and nearby points of interest, access points, tributaries, water discharges, outfitters, camping sites, and associated site images. The Explore feature allows users to view a map of Water Trails and filter by category to identify relevant features of interest and save specific water trails or sites for quick access in the favorites section. Using the map interface, users can see their location relative to on and off river features, allowing water-goers to plan trips and explore Georgia’s rivers. In addition, the application allows users to review general safety information, find and purchase guide books, purchase fishing licenses and donate to the Georgia River Network. The Technology: The Georgia River Guide mobile app is built using Ionic React, an open-source, cross platform development kit. The application leverages the Node.js runtime and Ionic CLI. To display online and offline maps the application uses Leaflet.js, an open source JavaScript library that allows for a number of plugins, such as esri-leaflet. ArcGIS Online is home to the Hosted Feature Layer that contains the applications sites and water trails data layers along with an assortment of related tables containing data on wildlife, sponsors and resource links.


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