GeoMate Inc

Waterloo, ON, Canada


GeoMate is a location intelligence company leveraging Artificial Intelligence and geospatial data to provide key information on cycle, road, and sidewalk networks. Our solution takes a human-centric approach to data acquisition and cataloging to ensure municipalities can create environments suitable for all forms of transportation. We look specifically at the aspects of the network that affect walkability, accessibility, and comfort level to better understand how municipalities can improve active transit. GeoMate's mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap in urban mobility data; this helps businesses, governments, and individuals create safer and more accessible cities for the future.



GeoMate provides key sidewalk, cycle lane, and road network data. With the support of Esri’s ArcGIS software, GeoMate’s network information, extracted through our AI technology, can be purchased as a data catalog. Our unique feature layers are key components in assessing and monitoring the transportation network in an automated way.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements