Climate Risk Reporting Solution

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Description: Climate Risk Reporting Solution is an innovative geospatial approach that enables finance teams, auditors, asset managers, and regulatory bodies to comprehend and incorporate climate risk insights into their financial reporting processes. Esri Software and Version: The solution is compatible with the latest version of Esri ArcGIS software, ensuring seamless integration with GIS data for more in-depth analysis. Industries Served: Primarily designed for asset management, finance, insurance, regulatory bodies, and governmental sectors. Designed For: It is particularly designed for financial auditors, finance teams within large corporations, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, governments, and asset managers. Key Benefits: 1) Provides actionable climate risk insights for comprehensive financial disclosures. 2) Simplifies complex geospatial data for easier incorporation into financial reports. 3) Enhances understanding of potential impacts on asset carrying values. 4) Facilitates tracking of potential impact due to climate risks. Problems it Solves: 1) Addresses the difficulty in anticipating and incorporating climate risks into financial reports. 2) Helps in complying with evolving climate risk disclosure norms The Climate Risk Reporting Solution is a key tool for any financial entity aiming to enhance their climate risk reporting and disclosure capabilities, providing clear, actionable insights to enable accurate, comprehensive reporting.


Electric & Gas, Financial Services, Insurance, Public Finance, Revenue & Accounting, Railroads

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