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GeoWorx Sketch® is a field-friendly map, yet comprehensive redlining system used to enhance communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise. GeoWorx Sketch makes it easy for a distributed workforce to inform asset managers of changes made to the infrastructure as a result of performing inspection, installation, repair or other maintenance activities. Sketches may be routed to others for comment and approval, as well as submitted to authorized data editors for changes required to EAM and GIS databases. This workflow-based solution starts with the redline creation and mark-up, continuing with redline sharing and submission to editors, and commencing with redline processing by GIS editors. GeoWorx Sketch is integrated with your Enterprise Asset Management map viewer, plugging into any existing Esri-based mapping system or your own enterprise web GIS viewer.


Electric & Gas, GIS, Highways & Roads, Land Records, Parks & Recreation, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Transit, Public Works, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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