GeoPal Solutions

Dublin 2, Ireland


GeoPal is a customizable mobile workforce management application that connects field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of your business. Our clients include some of the largest Industrial Services, Utility Services, Environmental and Facilities Management companies in the world. We create the core software infrastructure that companies need to mobilize their field based workforces. GeoPal delivers transformational operational efficiencies through real-time reports and data insights. We take our customers on a three step digital transformation journey, replacing paper processes with mobile forms on smartphones and tablets, including : timesheets, work orders, safety inspections, quotations and asset surveys. Then we deploy Internet of Things sensors to monitor their remote assets and automatically dispatch service jobs based on alarms received from these sensors. And finally, we deliver actionable dashboards and reports to managers who can then spot opportunities and identify challenges: improving productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance. Transform your business now with GeoPal’s leading mobile workforce management solution.



GeoPal is a configurable mobile workforce app and web platform currently used by companies with field teams throughout North America, Europe and Africa. Our customers range from Utility Contractors to Home Healthcare providers and include companies doing business in Facilities Management, Environmental Services, Connected Field Service, Civil Engineering & Surveying, Public Sector Services, City Management and Industrial Support Services. GeoPal provides system integration with ERP systems via API and allowing customers to get real-time data from the field, manage their projects and contracts and see how well there are doing against their KPIs. For more details and examples of our work, please visit