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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a photo-based field data collection tool. Get the most out of the equipment you already carry. Have your field team trained in minutes!! Available from the Apple® App Store, GeoJot allows iPhone and iPad 2 users to enter attribute descriptions (name, condition, value, etc) and attach them to photographs as they are taken. In addition, the application geotags photos with GPS coordinates that are more accurate than is standard for these devices. The images can then be wirelessly transferred, downloaded, or emailed to the office for processing. The app will soon be available for Android! Then use GPS-Photo Link desktop software to extract the enhanced information and create customized reports, ESRI Shape Files and GeoDatabases, .KLM/.KMZ files, watermarked photos, database output, and more. In addition to these output options, all of the information you collect is written into the EXIF header of each photo. You never have to worry about broken links between your photos and your database records.

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