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• Import EXT is a GIS service that provides one-way integration from any OLEDB, ODBC or ADO.NET data source including; 1. Oracle 2. SQL Server 3. Microsoft Access 4. Comma Delimited Text Files 5. Fixed Width Text Files 6. Microsoft Excel 7. XML Files • Import EXT can update ESRI geometry from related feature classes, XYZ-coordinates, latitude-longitude coordinates, OGIS Well Known Text, OGIS Well Known Binary and SQL Server geography fields. • Import EXT sends a periodic email summarizing the number of records that were added, changed, or deleted for each import specification. • Import EXT executes in ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGIS Server, as a scheduled task or as a Windows service. • Import EXT automatically converts field types while importing. • Import EXT can incrementally update only the information that has changed. • Import EXT supports multiple primary keys.


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