Precision Agriculture Extension for ArcGIS

By Geosys Enterprise Solutions Private Limited

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To develop an integrated Spatial Decision Support System for Precision Agriculture.This Application Extension has been developed to accomodate various tools to process geospatial data for any Agricultural field. 1. Tools to Interpolate Soil Parameters like Potassium (K),Organic Matter(OM),pH, Phosphorous to Aluminum Ratio(P/Al) using Spatial Modelling techniques. 2. Tools to perform Yield Interpolation for Crops such as Corn. 3. Tools to develop Fertilizer Application rate Maps for Phosphorous (P2O5), Potassium(K2O),Lime (CaO),Nitrate (NO3-) 4. Tools to develop Yield Zoning Maps for Nitrate(NO3-) 5. Tools to Perform Certain Satellite Image Processing functions



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