Sevres, France


Gexpertise, created on 1785, is historically a firm of surveyors. Since then we have diversified our activities on several real estate engineering activities. 200 employees are operating in France and Tunisia. Our group is made up three departments : 1) Real Estate department : topographical and engineering with expert surveyors, diagnosticians, real estate designeretc... 2) Building, roads and network department : Construction and urban engineering, with project managers, construction project scheduling, management and coordination, thermal engineers and construction economists. 3) BIM/GIS department : real estate data mangement, BIM managers, BIM consulting, BIM modeling and GIS engineering



1) The Real Estate Department carries the historical services represented by topographical and land engineering. It consists of two poles: the geometer-topography pole and the real estate diagnostics pole. We carry out topographic surveys, land divisions, building divisions (volumes and co-ownership), architectural surveys, surface conditions and regulatory diagnostics. 2) The Building and network/road detection Department represents the engineering of construction and urban engineering. It consists of three poles: the project management pole, the Voirie and RĂ©seau Divers pole as well as the audits pole grouping the energy audits (including the tertiary decree audit), investors, pathological as well as the multiannual plans of works (PPT). In collaboration with the designers and for the clients, we carry out the co- design, costing and monitoring of works thanks to our project managers, OPC and our construction economists. 3) The BIM/GIS department represents the engineering of real estate data, with BIM Managers, modelers and geomaticians. We produce digital models in reverse design and support operations in AMO BIM and BIM Management. We also offer the SwapMap offer for digitization and modeling of all your assets, in order to obtain, reliable, updated and connected data. Finally, we develop "Atlas Patrimonial", a true Geographical Information System, centralizing legal, geometric, environmental and economic data for all your real estate assets.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design