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GHGSat is the global leader in high-resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions from space, an approach it pioneered, and provides unique emissions data and intelligence to businesses, governments, regulators, and investors worldwide, to optimize their performance and uphold environmental standards. With three satellites in orbit and eight more on the way, GHGSat is developing the first constellation of methane detecting methane detecting satellites. GHGSat developed PULSE, a free to use digital map showing worldwide methane (CH4) concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere. PULSE combines data from GHGSat’s own satellites, the only ones able to measure methane in high-resolution, with information from other sources such as the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P spacecraft. PULSE is a unique public resource aimed to raise awareness of methane and its impact on climate change. GHGSat analytics and high-resolution satellite imagery are set to power discussions and lead to concrete actions on climate change. Visit our website:



GHGSat pioneered the satellite monitoring of greenhouse gases in high-resolution. Using our patented sensor technology, our satellites are capable of attributing emissions directly to individual facilities. No other commercial organization or national space agency has yet matched the capabilities of our satellites. Providing the best quality satellite data is just one part of what we do for our customers. GHGSat's aircraft monitoring service is fitted with our patented sensor technology adapted for aerial surveying, making us the only company to operate the same sensor from at different altitudes. Our precision emissions data is then transformed into actionable insights with our in-house analytics, helping customers to optimize their operations, reduce emissions and uphold environmental standards.