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Airborne High-Resolution Methane Monitoring AIRBORNE DATA.AIR accurately detects and measures methane emissions, attributing leaks to individual sources. Our world-leading emissions detection satellite instrument has been adapted for use in aircraft and is able to detect up to 90% of all methane emissions by volume. Data captured by the aircraft is processed using GHGSat Analytics, transforming emission observation into actionable insights. Benefits: - Affordable: Reduce costly ground survey operations by covering large geographic areas and multiple sites in a short time. - Accurate: Receive accurate and verifiable data to support compliance and environmental reporting. - Operational: Targeted greenhouse gas emissions to evaluate asset performance and reduce environmental impact. GHGSat offers DATA.AIR as an alternative to DATA.SAT to meet the specific survey requirements of our clients or it can be used as a complement to our DATA.SAT services. Methane emission data, from aerial surveys, powers proprietary analytics to deliver fast, accurate, integrated monitoring services. Flexible plans to suit your needs. All accessible through our customer platform SPECTRA. Get in touch with our experts here:


Environmental Management, Financial Services, Mining, Petroleum, Pipeline

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