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AIRBORNE HIGH-RESOLUTION METHANE MONITORING DATA.AIR accurately detects and measures methane emissions, attributing leaks to individual sources. It is a cost-effective alternative to frequent ground-based monitoring operations. GHGSat’s world-leading emissions detection satellite instrument has been adapted for use in aircraft and is able to detect up to 90% of all methane emissions by volume*, due to the low detection threshold of the sensor technology. The service can be used stand-alone or to complement DATA.SAT services. This capability is unmatched globally. FEATURES • Flight Altitude – Up to 3,000 m (10,000 ft above ground level (AGL)) • Spatial Resolution (GSD) – Under 1 m (<3 ft) Altitude dependent • Minimum Detection Threshold – Between 10 and 35 kg/hr, depending on wind and acquisition parameters • Across-track Swath Width – About 750 m swath width (at 10,000 ft AGL) • Area Surveys – 385 (150 sq.miles/day) (at 10,000 ft AGL) • Ground Speed – 225 km/h (140 mph) • Linear Survey – 800 km/day (Up to 500 miles/day ) *Data Source: Brandt, A. et al. “Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Systems Follow Extreme Distributions”


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