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HIGH-RESOLUTION SATELLITE METHANE MONITORING DATA.SAT delivers actionable information from our satellite fleet to identify precise sources of methane emissions down to the individual facility level. Accurate detection, measurement and monitoring of assets using DATA.SAT supports informed decision-making to take action and reduce emissions. DATA.SAT PRODUCTS • Abundance dataset – Multi-layer GEOTIFF containing per-pixel methane concentration data, including surface reflectance image. • Concentration map – Visualization layer of methane emission overlaid on ground imagery, includes surface reflectance, column density and estimated excess foreground density. • Emission rates – Cutting-edge retrieval methods to infer emission rate estimates from high-resolution concentration data. GET AHEAD • Access flexible subscription-based data campaigns. • Obtain consistent data with the same proprietary instrument for all sites worldwide. • Safest method to monitor emissions at the facility-level; no access to sites required. • Delivers reliable operational capability year-round. • Survey strategic assets globally on demand, with no deployment costs. • Quickly pinpoint emission sources. DATA.SAT products are part of our analytics service SPECTRA, based on ESRI technology, that delivers monitoring data services and insights using proprietary aggregation algorithms, combining our high-resolution data with industry and satellite datasets.


Environmental Management, Financial Services, Mining, Petroleum, Pipeline

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