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GI Mobil Runtime is cross-industry solution for the acquisition, control and maintenance of objects, simple and effectively. If the requirements in the field exceed the capabilities of the ArcGIS Collector App, GI Mobil RT is the right choice. Based on the development environment ArcGIS Runtime from Esri, high performance and seamless integration into the Esri platform is guaranteed. With the modular software structure, project specific software adaptions can be implemented flexibly. GI Mobile Runtime can also be used perfectly for special field applications such as municipal tasks and conveyor area controls (InVeKoS). With GI Mobil Runtime, as the “extended arm” of the geographic information systems in the office, field staff can collect, update, analyse and visualize information on site and use all possibilities of GNSS-based data acquisition. What GI Mobil Runtime offers you: • Simple operation and intuitive workflows • Practical user guidance through pop-ups, function notes and an info center • Flexibility while operating through multi-sketch and snap function, geoprocessing tools and topology checks • Modular integration of specialized applications (e.g. EU-CAP) • Position 100 technology – logging of all metadata for each measured position or base point • Photo capture including Position 100 technology • Support of Z features and custom transformation • Supports all common data formats (SHP, FGDB, MPK, TPK, RuntimeGDB, TIFF, WFS, etc.) • Attribute table & search • Print function • Hyperlink function • Stakeout tool for point, line, area


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