Gilytics AG

Zürich, ZH, Switzerland


Founded in 2017, Gilytics delivers a Cloud GIS-based platform and service solution allowing users to calculate alternative routes for powerlines, pipelines, roads, and railways, helping energy, engineering and transport companies save time and CO2 with better data, visuals and communication. Our vision is to become the standard software solution for the planning of linear infrastructure with the potential to expand into asset management and stakeholder engagement. Our mission is to accelerate and make more transparent the clean energy transition. We thrive helping clients solve their infrastructure design challenges by understanding their business needs and proposing a customizable planning solution. The company is an ETH Spinoff with clients throughout Europe and the Americas with headquarters in Zurich



The company’s Pathfinder Software platform is used for optimial siting and overhead line and underground cable connections, identifying routes with the lowest cost or least overall impact on the public and the environment. The solution helps clients to automate infrastructure siting, routing, monitoring and management with big data and an algorithm, improving design, visualization, and communication, replacing manual paper processes. Users can quickly analyze detailed scenarios in just a few clicks with realistic 2D and 3D visualization. With the integration of both ArcGIS and Pathfinder platforms, planners and engineers with different expertise - environmental analysis, cost assessment, technical constraints etc.. - can run their simulations and share them with colleagues and other stakeholders for a more interactive participation and feedback. Power grid operators like Swissgrid andTennet, as well as engineering firms like A+S and Fichner, benefit from the use of Pathfinder by: • Speed up of the planning process of energy infrastructure • Increase transparency and minimize social opposition • Collect feedback and add/share comments of projects with Pathfinder users (geo-comments) • Interactively incorporate stakeholder feedback to quickly generate new alternatives • Infrastructure projects submitted and approved faster • Improved results visualization with Pathfinder´s cloud 3D visuals

Services Provided:

Application Development, Needs and Requirements, System Integration, Training Services