MERLIN Land Administration Solution

By GIS/Transport, Ltd.

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MERLIN land administration system (LAS) is a web application designed for the purpose of automating land administration related operations. Core components: The main component of the system is a configurable wizard-like tool which allows a user to create a process or workflow of a certain land related process. Starting from a data collection step similar to a land application form, and all the way to generating a registered deed such as a certification of occupancy, the system will allow the user to manipulate the workflow to suit whatever policy or procedure a land application goes through. This includes: • Requiring certain data to be keyed in before proceeding to the next step. (such as a valid address, or a land purpose) • Requiring certain documents to be submitted by the user before proceeding. (such as an identification card) • Requiring certain approvals to be made before proceeding. (from a designated official) • Generating fees and bills at whichever step they are required. (such as an initial bill or a processing fee) • Generating a letter to convey to the applicant. (Such as an acknowledgement letter) • Generating a registered deed. (such as a certificate of occupancy)


Community Development, Electric & Gas, GIS, Information Technology, Land Records

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